Replica Cartier Crash


When it comes to Cartier watches, what collection occurs to you first? Ballon Bleu de Cartier? Santos de Cartier? Tank collection? It may show you know too little about Cartier watchmaking if your answer comes from one of them. In 2013, Cartier Crash collection was launched as an innovative and luxury collection. Cartier crash reminds me of a painting by Salvador Dalí from Spain-The Persistence of Memory. Dalí often painted timepieces as soft shapes, because he expressed his comprehension for conditionality of time with soft timepieces. He said mechanical goods were his enemies and timepieces would die out. In fact, Dalí hated timepieces, but Cartier Crash was inspired by Dalí’s painting works.

Birth of Cartier Crash
It was in 1967 in London that Cartier Crash was born. It carried uniqueness and free style during Swinging London. Cartier always designs distinctive wristwatch. The Crash reveals the collision of passionate watch makers and rebellious thought. It legend started with a broken watch in an accident. Its owner had the broken Cartier watch repaired in Cartier branch office in London. Cartier designers were surprised and impressed by the broken watch case, and the distorted shape became a rich source of creative designers. Cartier Crash represents pioneer culture in the 1970s. The two earliest Crash watches were sold for $100,000 and $130,000 in Miami, America. The new generation of the Crash was limited to sold out in 1991 and 1993.

Replica Cartier Crash Diamond Women’s Watch
21st Cartier Crash inherits from distorted and transformative features. With super-space traits, Cartier Crash is worth collecting. We can’t afford real Cartier Crash watches, but a replica Cartier Crash we like can satisfy our demands. Here I introduce replica Cartier Crash Diamond women’s watch.

First, the model caught a few features from Cartier Crash collection. I feel it looks like a Cartier Crash watch at first sight. I find that the replica watch is different from Cartier Crash by contrast. It’s obvious that the replica watch doesn’t contain too much complicate treatment. Its watch case was cast and finished in a mould, then the bezel is decorated with tiny bright diamonds. Second, the replica watch is equipped with a quartz movement. For deigning and producing the movement, the replica watch needn’t too much high tech, and it’s all right that size of the quartz movement keeps consistent with one of the watch case.

Next, I don’t talk about professional topic. Frankly speaking, I like the replica watch. First, With white dial, diamond bezel and distinctive style, it helps you be the focus in the crowd. It is the watch that adds brilliance to your present splendor. Second, it is equipped with Japanese Miyota quartz watch, manufactured by Miyota which is part of the Citizen group of companies. So high quality of the replica Cartier watch with Japanese Miyota quartz watch is guaranteed. You will stand out with this watch in the crowd.