October 2018


In this age-oriented era, the shape of the watch is also ever-changing. Nowadays, from flower patterns to fairy tales, all kinds of eye-catching appearances are performed on a small dial. Various animals also creep up the dial of the watch. The lovely animals combined with the jewels are lively and interesting, making an animal appear on the wrist instantly. Today, I recommend a beautiful animal jewelry watch Replica Ballon Bleu De Cartier Women Watch HPI00331.

This replica watch features a dome design, and the sapphire crystal is specially designed to create a perfect curve that adds elegance to the watch. The asymmetrical Swiss 316L Steel bezel extends the curvature of the mirror, allowing the entire dial to be integrated. Inlaid with double-circle diamonds, the watch looks very luxurious. The sheen of diamonds and silver case blend well to reflect the personality and style of wearers.

The dial of this replica watch is a pattern of carved elephants, which is very vivid. And the basic color of the dial is dark purple, which is in stark contrast to the gray-white elephant and the silver bezel. The carving on the dial is also very elaborate and the layering is very strong. In order to keep the whole picture intact, the brand eliminates the time mark, only the slender silver hands that is simple and beautiful.
However, the time is still quite troublesome to judge, losing the basic functions. While for women, watches are just jewel-like decorations, as long as the appearance is exquisite, others can not care.

The one-piece lugs are also made of Swiss 316L Steel, which continues the luxury and style of the dial. Moreover, the case and the strap are better connected together to ensure the safety of the watch.

Notch Crown is decorated with a blue gem, which is gorgeous. In fact, for me, this crown is really special that people can be attracted at once. However, the crown is more difficult to operate. The texture of the outer ring can cause discomfort to the fingers during operation. Of course, if people need to adjust the time, with the gloves can be a better way. Perhaps this problem, the brand can make a change, so that beauty does not reduce points.

Screw down case back is made of Swiss 316L Steel, which protects the internal workings of the watch. Quartz movement can provide the watch with several years of power support.

The watch has a strap of the same color as the dial, making the watch look more stylish. Purple crocodile leather strap with the sliver Swiss 316L Steel case is very elegant and ideal for attending dinners or attending important conferences. And purple gives a gentle and soft feeling, which increases the charm of the wearer.

The jewellery family Cartier, founded in France in 1847, which was praised by King Edward VII of England as “the emperor’s jeweler and the jeweler’s emperor”. Cartier successfully crossed the border to the watch industry, also brought the enthusiasm for jewelry to the watch industry. The Calibre de Cartier continues Cartier’s fearless temperament for more than a century, blending the subtle detail design with the depth of watchmaking skills. And the masculine charm of men is fully demonstrated by the perfect balance of power and beauty.

This replica Calibre de Cartier W7100016 has 42mm diameter case, which shows the power of men. The sliver bring people the feeling of luxury and gentle. Black dial with white different size Roman markers. At 6 o’clock, it is s small second dial that is in the structure of big circle covers small circle, making the layout of dial appears fruity harmonious. The date display window is at 3 o’clock, which enrich the room to the dial. And there is a sapphire at the screw-in type stainless steel crown, seeming quite modern and smart. The whole watch with stainless steel design shows the balance between energy and graceful.

And this replica Cartier W7100016 is not the function watch among the brand watches that take product photograph as selling point. While them are all very practical functions. The basic time display function for this watch is made of center hour hand, center minute hand and small second hand dials. When them work with each other to complete.

Its large white Roman numerals are very clear on the black dial, which makes the watch’s legibility greatly enhanced. Different from the date display of general watch, it can display 3 days at the same time, and the middle time is the time of the day.

Matching with a rounded case, a powerful large-diameter dial and an oversized and beautiful Roman time scale, it is 120 fine scales and 28 degree natural sloping bezels. While the Transparent watch back displayed the exquisite decoration of the movement behind the transparent sapphire crystal, which makes fans fascinated.

This replica Cartier Caliber De Cartier watch uses the Swiss ETA 2824-2 Movement, which is easy to ensure the enough power reserve for daily life. And as it is made from Swiss, the movement is able to offer the correct time. This watch also has daily waterproof function, which is a very user-friendly design.

Cartier Caliber De Cartier stainless steel watch with steel band and black dial

Sum up:
This replica watch shows the spirit of the brand. And according to the size of one to one, the replica watch perfectly restores the original appearance and provides excellent service for the wearer.

Established in France, Cartier SA has a long history of 170 years. With the efforts of several generations, Cartier has created constantly classic masterpieces and been one of the top jewelry brands all over the world. Loved by the royal family and aristocrats, socialites and star celibrities, Cartier has already been a symbol of good taste and noble status.

There is no doubt that Cartier jewelry enjoys a high reputation across the world, but some question that Cartier watch isn’t as professional as other watch brands. Cartier created a santos watch as early as 1904. Cartier is an owned subsidiary of the Compagnie Financière Richemont SA in Switzerland. The group also holds Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget and so on. Cartier uses those movements made by the watch brand above, so Cartier watch is the combination of the inspiration of luxury jewelry and high performance and lays its foundation in the watchmaking field. You will realize the meaning and the value of the brand when you know about Cartier’s history and development. I’m keen on getting a Cartier “Love” bracelet and a Ballon Bleu De Cartier watch, because they stand for forever love and good dream. It’s hard to achieve my goal in short term time. I tried buying a replica Cartier “Love” bracelet online, whose materials and workmanship satisfy my demands. A period of time later, I bought a Ballon Bleu De Cartier replica watch again. I think the Cartier replica watch is of good quality, and I want to recommend it to those people who plan to buy Cartier men’s replica watches.

1. First, I need a watch for my daily life, whose basic function is enough for me. With simple style and classic color match, I happen to meet Ballon Bleu De Cartier WSBB0003 Automatic Date Replica Watch and like its simple but classic look. In my opinion, polished lustre and mysterious black is a good match, low-key but distinctive. Thanks for fine workmanship, it has the same appearance as the real edition and I can feel its heavy weight. Automatic mechanical watches are heavier than quartz watches.

2. Thanks for Swiss 316 L stainless steel and genuine leather, I don’t have any bad wearing experience after using period of time. I also specially read somthing about these materials. Swiss 316 L stainless steel doesn’t make an impact on human skin and has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Sapphire crystal achieve great perspective effect. Once, the sapphire crystal happened to hit a wall, but it’s still in perfect condition.

3. All people arround me and some posts tell me that a movement is the most important part for a watch. The specification said that Ballon Bleu De Cartier replica watch MSBB0003 was equipped with Swiss ETA 2824-2. To be hornour, I can’t confirm that unless I open it. I have worn it for nearly twenty days, it’s 170 seconds slower until now. According to the official standard, it’s within the margin of error. All in all, I’m satisfied with the replica Cartier watch. 42 mm diameter around my wrist looks very cool and powerful. Although It’s a fake Cartier watch , it brings me a wonderful experience.

Founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, Cartier SA is a wristwatch & Jewelry manufactuurer. Cartier, which is hornoured as “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”, has created a lot of exquiaite unprecedented masterpieces. Whether wristwatches or jewelry, Cartier shows the noble value by excellent craftsmanship and unique style and has a long history of sales to royalty and celebrities.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch,which was inspired by the dream and attempt of human beings about flight, displays its elegnce and luxury to the extrem. A blue ballon made by Brothers Montgolfier succeeded in flying for twenty-five minutes. In hornour of the great beginning, the flying blue ballon was changed into a beautiful ballon shaped crown with royal blue crystal. The hot-air ballon bore human’s fantasy and eternal yearning for the mysterious and beautiful outer space and the pursuit for forever love. Therefore, couples express their love to each other with Ballon Bleu de Cartier watches. Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch attracts the royal family and aristocrats, socialites and star celibrities. Princess Kate is a fan of Ballon Bleu de Cartier. Here, highly recommend a replica watch-Swiss Cartier Ballon Bleu Ref W69012Z4.


What on earth is the charm of Reference W69012Z4 replica watch?
1. Star celebrities and the royal family and aristocrats are fashion icons, and their dressing is always imitated by the public. Princess Kate is ususlly spotted to wear such a Cartier watch. With chic look, high quality and meaning design concept, Reference W69012Z4 replica watch catches much attention. 42 mm diameter is loved by men and those women who prefer big dials. Made of Swiss 316 L stainless steel, Cartier Ballon Bleu Ref W69012Z4 replica watch is full of silver lustre and mature charm, thanks for fine olishment. As a suit watch, it’s the best option for the daily work and can match with any formal clothes.
2. The manufacturer adopts good materials to produce the delicate replica Cartier watch in order to ensure its high performance and long term usage. Swiss 316 L stainless steel doesn’t make an impact on human skin and has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The use of sapphire crystal achieves as the same perspective effect as the real edition. What’s worth mentioning that 18K white gold ballon-shaped screwed-crown with royal blue crystal. Smooth bezel with a satin finish in 18K white gold gives off charm and luster.
3. A good movement determines the high performance of a good watch. Swiss Cartier Ballon Bleu Ref W69012Z4 replica watch is equipped with a Kinetic movement developed by Seiko Instruments Inc.. Kinetic can produce the power by arm swing, similiar to the motion of an automatic mechanical movement. It’s also called spontaneous electric quartz movement, more precise than an automatic mechanical movement.
Good materials, high performance and high quality determines the value and price. With perfect design and chic look, Cartier Ballon Bleu Ref W69012Z4 replica watch will be an indispensable accessory which can match with your formal clothes.

Rings for women and men fall in love are the most loyal securer. Women have a passionate attachment to the new, and they have harsh demands and aesthetic to rings. Rings in gold or luxury materials can satisfy women’s demands? Those that reflect unabashed individuality and uniqueness are loved by women better. Panthere de Cartier rings can do it.  

A panther is a symbol of speed and power, also the combination of strength and mind. Jeanne Toussaint defined new aesthetic of Cartier with a panther. Panthere de Cartier features bold, vivid, wild and charming jewelry. To today, Panther de Cartier has been an iconic feature. Cartier Panthere rings in different styles has swept the world. Both women and men show special preference to the vivid panther.

The panther jewelry with wild and unabashed individuality embodies sexy beauty on women. Before getting married, a girl is like a wild and sexy panther. Her clever eyes and relaxed, easy, charming manner are the best language to show feminine charm. After marriage, a woman is like a mild panther more. Her sweet, quiet manner and strong-minded inner beauty describe her state of mind fully and delightfully. Panther de Cartier rings with two faces walks into women’s hearts. Girls, just enjoy your life when you are in the kitchen. Just be bold and show your charm when you go out your home.

Without my compliments on Panthere de Cartier rings, you still know about its beauty and value, but I don’t advise girls to buy a Panthere de Cartier ring tenaciously. Just do it if you have strong finance power and you like it. On the contrary, you will lose your finance freedom and happiness after getting one. I think shopping should build upon the foundation of happiness. We needn’t care whether it is fake or real if you really like it, so I recommend high quality Panthere de Cartier replica rings to girls highly if you do like the panther.

Replica Panthere de Cartier ring N4225200

This is an amazing open ring in 925 silver. The opening is designed a leopard that is engraved with the shining crystals, interpreting the luxury and nobleness of Cartier. The eyes of the leopard are adorned with the green gemstones, exactly echoing the modern style and gorgeous temperament of the elegant women. The whole surface of the ring is decorated with dazzling crystals that constitute the charm of the ring. The pretty ring is definitely a great wedding gift, which will show the endless grace of the bride.

Replica Panthere de Cartier ring N4224900

The ring belongs to Panthere De Cartier series, which is suitable for the queen style and party style. The panther molding is the obvious feature of the ring, the head is decorated with the dazzling crystals, the eyes are engraved with the green gems and the nose is studded with the onyx, which use the different colors to make the modeling that just likes the real. This open ring has three colors that can be chosen to pair with varies styles of clothing. Wherever you go, this ring can showcase your extraordinary taste at any time.