November 2019


Contemporary watchmakers lose sleep just to come up with modern, sleek and sophisticated watch designs that still achieve simplicity as well as to measure up to the standards. Numerous designs are released day in day out today, if not being on the verge of release. Each and every one of them comes with their own specifications based on how prospect and enduring customers like them. Cartier Tank watches are no exception.

Cartier Tank Watches

The Tank Watch presents a Cartier type watch originally created by Louis Carter and solely inspired by Renault Tanks, a prototype design of tanks used in world war one. Based on the rich history of the watch design, it is sufficient to know that it was introduced in 1919, the same year in which it achieved full production.

So what makes Tanks special?

a) Design: Dating back to its official production and release, Cartier tanks portray a uniquely elegant design in terms of its shape. It features a fine division and segmentation of lines resembling those of tanks that were used in world war one. It comes in both square and rectangular casings of polished stainless steel with specified diameters ranging from 34.8mm to 44mm.

b) Strap: Most of the Cartier watches come in a black leather strap of crocodile pattern, alligator skin or others having a stainless steel bracelet.

c) Other specifications: The Cartier Tank watches assume quartz or self-winding automatic movement systems. Moreover, they offer water-resistance of up to 30 meters and feature a power reserve of up to 42 hours. These watches run at a frequency of precisely 28,800 Hz.

d) You will be amazed by the sapphire crystal scratch-resistant glass that most of the Cartier tanks watch come in that depict elegance in simplicity. The sword-shaped hands are also creative augmentations embedded into the famously known Cartier watches.

Is Cartier Tank watch a reasonable recommendation for office lady under 30 years old?

For office wear, you would want to consider a watch that is simple yet still flashy in order to stand out. Most importantly, you would highly appreciate a watch that blends in perfectly with your dress code which in this case is official.

Cartier offers a variety of women’s watches that blend perfectly with your style. Whether you prefer the Cartier Tanks Americaine or the Opaline version of these series, tanks are the best watches for your workplace. As if not enough, you may choose a strap color that matches your elegant outfit.

Is Cartier Tank watch a reasonable recommendation for office male under 30 years old?

What does a man love? A man loves a strong look and a man definitely falls in love with his show of power. Cartier Tank watches, from the name itself to its structure and design has all these incorporated into one. Some of the most elegant and exclusive designs for men under 30 Cartier tank watches include: Cartier Tanks Louis, Cartier Tank replica Swiss and Vintage Cartier tanks watch just to mention but a few.