Ladies Cartier Baignoire


The Baignoire watch shows the classic style of the brand to young modern women with its perfect elliptical line and delicate exterior. At the same time, this watch with Parisian feature is also the most precious treasure. After the clever adjustment, the new style shows the precision and balance, and it sublimates the traditional spirit of the brand. A wristwatch full of women’s images perfectly merges the soft and the extremely preciseness. Women’s dreams and grace make the different marks of the brand come together again, such as the straight Roman numerals, fleeting lines and the scale rail composed of dots and lines.

Wearing a Baignoire watch during the day so that each woman can better control the time. Small Baignoire watch with leather and satin watch band can perfectly exude charming and delicate temperament. And large Baignoire watch shows the extraordinary charm and mature demeanor.

What’s more, wearing different Baignoire evening watch is very convenient to match many different beautiful evening gowns, just like the watch with diamonds can give eye-catching dazzling. The new series is more capable of highlighting the brand’s attention to detail.

As a section of cone, the ellipse has two focal points from the beginning, which can make it different from other geometric figures. Mathematicians have discovered that any line that passes through the center of the ellipse can cut the ellipse into two identical shapes. Compared with the other geometry, due to the symmetry and balance of the ellipse, it is more complete and full on the whole. The curved contour has dynamic tension in the static, and it can easily create a visual thinking space that draws on the mind. Cartier Baignoire watch is famous for its seductive elliptical case. And this unique case was designed by Louis Cartier in 1912. In 1956, the oval-shaped watch did not yet have its own name, but it was already in line with Cartier’s other series of watches, such as Tank and Santos. By 1968, this collection introduced extra-large and extra-large models, and at the same time, a number of different innovative styles were derived. Until 1973, this series was officially named Baignoire.

This series is one of the best embodiment of elliptic philosophy on the watch. While the appearance is soft and beautiful, a sharp straight Roman numeral is chosen. The time scale consisting of the beautiful lines and dotted lines appears to be both soft and rigid.

Therefore, Cartier Baignoire series of watches with the iconic design of the bathtub appears in the public view. It is one of the most beloved watches of women after Ballon Bleu de Cartier and Tank. With elegant lines and high-quality materials, it is quite popular with female consumers.