Cartier Libre


For decades, Cartier creates many dazzling wristwatches: Santos de Cartier, Tonneau, Tortue, Baignoire, etc. Cartier Libre series takes the creative inheritance into the modern era and pushes the advanced original inspiration to the extreme. Cartier Libre series is the passion of Cartier’s artistic interpretation of the iconic wristwatch. The lines after stretching, compressing and changing compose a free and unobtrusive masterpiece. So, Cartier Libre watches have become a favorite choice for wristwatch collectors.

Complete metamorphosis, bright debut. Cartier Libre series presents an unrivalled splendor. And this series re-deduces brand wristwatches and shows the lively and abundant creative ideas. An unprecedented and bold look pays tribute to the Baignoire or the Crash wristwatch. The technique is luxuriant and bold. And the precious materials and the contrast tones are cleverly used. Thus, the feminine glamour the refreshing Cartier creation idea are displayed vividly.

Unique personality, eclectic creativity. Cartier’s design symbol is always the focus, and can present the brand’s outstanding demeanor. So, the following five jewellery watches illustrate Cartier’s symbolic features.

The first item is the Baignoire Interdite watch. It masterfully mastered the space game, which is dazzling and fascinating. Oval dial with horizontal shape perfectly foils your wrist, and fully displays the beautiful visual design. black glossy ADLC coating long case are decorated with large Roman numerals. The beautiful diamonds on dial is faintly looming, while also revealing the mysterious and dreamy temperament. Outstanding elegant demeanor shows the classic aesthetic concept of freedom. This watch is made of white K gold. And the watch case is encrusted with diamonds. With ADLC coating, quartz movement and limited sale of 50 pieces.

The second one is Baignoire Étoilée watch. The black spinels and the crystal diamonds pour like the waterfall, which look very gorgeous and dazzling. With possessing the unique monochrome contrast and the mini dial with double row precious gemstones, this perfect black and white wristwatch presents a stunning visual effect. It is made of white K gold. Watch bracelet and case are inlaid with diamonds and black spinels. Carrying the quartz movement. Limited sale of 50 pieces.

The third wristwatch is Baignoire Débordante. It is made of white K gold. And the case is inlaid with diamonds and black spinels. Built-in quartz movement. Limited sale of 50 pieces. Looking carefully at this watch. Perfect master the virtual reality and create a unique three-dimensional structure. The round and graceful watch with the embossed look is decorated with precious and ornate gems. The unreserved and bold ideas are used incisively and vividly.

The fouth one is Baignoire Infinie watch. Totally made of white K gold. The case is decorated with diamonds and black spinels. With mother-of-pearl dial, quartz movement and limited sale of 50 pieces. The watch is inspired by the Baignoire Allongee watch, but only the curved design is reserved. The round shape turns to the long design, and the central part becomes the visual focus. With asymmetry tocompose the perfect balance, and with the gorgeous style to intoxicate people. The dial is paved with cut diamonds, white mother-of-pearl and black spinels in trapezoid way. Bright gemstones are radiant with brilliance, and also subtly adorn three crowns. Moreover, the mini black dial is decorated with a row of beautiful diamonds. The unique jewelry works with the outstanding style fully presents the elegant demeanor.

The last item is Crash Radieuse watch. With yellow K gold watch case, 8970 MC type manual movement and limited sale of 50 pieces. The watch has a warped case. The irregular case, which is decorated with multiple elliptical patterns, seems to be folded and stretched. The big Roman numerals scale seems like a flash in the pan. The center of dial has the strong and powerful wave pattern. The Crash watch exerts its charm to the extreme, and reveals the distinctive female charm. The otherworldly qualities of the original irregular case have been sublimated to reflect the elegant temperament and confidence.

Art is more endowed with distinctive features and high profile. Under the foil of diamonds, the modelling design of Cartier Libre is amazing. Innovative and bold wristwatches are created in an unexpected way to break the stereotypical routine. Thus, the creative freedom and the bold spirit of Cartier Libre series are displayed.