You must have already heard about the prestigious brand i.e. Cartier. So, are you also aware of the fact that the brand has recently chosen Jake Gyllenhaal as the face of Santos de Cartier timers? Well, famous brands like Cartier cautiously choose star ambassadors to represent their products to general customers. There can be many probable reasons behind it. First of all, a star ambassador is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective parts of the overall brand marketing strategy. Secondly, these star ambassadors help the brand to get more recognition and credibility among the customers. Thirdly, brand ambassadors can be an excellent tool to raise brand awareness and product awareness.

Due to the above reasons, a star ambassador is considered to be so important for the big brands. Let’s now talk about why Jake Gyllenhaal has been chosen as the face of Santos de Cartier watches. Yeah, it’s true that the key reason behind this step is to generate more recognition, credibility, and awareness for Santos de Cartier watches. On top of these fundamental reasons, there are some more specific and unique reasons that you need to know! So, keep reading and reveal more about these unique reasons in the following sections.

Three reasons why Cartier choose Jake Gyllenhaal as the ambassador?

There are three specific reasons that will be discussed in the next sections.

i) Bold and Fearless: According to the brand, Santos de Cartier watches were designed to illustrate two symbols i.e. boldness and fearlessness. The brand was looking for a star ambassador who could actually represent the above two symbols. They soon found that Jake Gyllenhaal would be the ideal match who had the potential to genuinely represent the two parameters publicly. Hence, the collaboration was made and the star (i.e. Jake Gyllenhaal) became the face of Santos de Cartier watches.

ii) Fan Follower: In some recent interviews, Jake Gyllenhaal has mentioned that he has always remained a big fan cum follower of Cartier’s creations and inventions. According to the star, the brand holds an impressive history and a rich legacy. Hence, being a passionate and enthusiastic fan of this well-recognized brand, Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t want to miss the opportunity to represent his favorite brand and its creations publicly.

iii) Integrity, Dedication, and Curiosity: Jake Gyllenhaal is an ideal symbol of extraordinary dedication, boundless curiosity, and integrity. Due to these traits, the brand picked Jake as their prime face for the Santos de Cartier timer series.