Cartier Luxury Watch Collections Cartier Santos Tank Watches For Men And Women Thu, 21 Feb 2019 07:40:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why Cartier Tank and Santos is the Most Classic Watch in History Thu, 21 Feb 2019 07:39:07 +0000 Cartier’s Tank watch was included in one of the watches that must be collected in this life. A watch series (not a brand) has been active in the market for the 100th anniversary and is a very rare record. At present, there is only another Cartier series has the qualification, that is the Cartier Santos collection. Therefore, Cartier is so low-key for the celebration of Tank this year, we are all a little disappointed. When Cartier was in the exhibition of new watches, I complained a little on Facebook and felt that the Tank was left out.

But looking back, although Tank is classic, in terms of current market trends, it is too refined, not the sporty handsome models that everyone is pursuing. So it didn’t take long for me to let go. Think about it, how many times has the trend evolved since the birth of Tank in the past 100 years? But Tank is always there. As if looking at the people who are blindly chasing the trend under the compassion. This kind of Tank will not care about the number of the 100th birthday, because he will be 200 years old, 300 years old (if humans are not dead).

So, why is the Tank watch so classic? This still has to start from the historical background of the early 20th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was the era when “the pocket watch” was just about to enter the watch era. In 1904, Cartier designed a watch with a leather strap to secure the body to the wrist for the flight artist Santos. For the first time, people know that wearing the watch on the hand can make it easier for the technology to develop rapidly life. At that time, the challenge faced by each brand was how to design a fixed strap, which can be both structurally stable and aesthetically pleasing. Cartier’s Santos watch is the earliest watch with modern lugs structure, which sets the historical position that Santos can never be replaced.

The Tank watch, designed by Louis Cartier in 1917, lifted the line aesthetics of the watch design to the purest level, creating a minimalist design that was unparalleled in that era.

As for the design source of the Tank watch, the fans should be familiar with it, that is, from the tank car. At that time, Louis Cartier saw the heavyweight weapon “Renault Tank” of World War I, drawing inspiration from the flat design of the tank. The track on the two sides of the tank is a structure in which the lugs and the case are integrally formed. The vertically extending lines subtly hide the lugs, making them both functional and decorative, with the most balanced geometry, very streamline and extremely simple.

The appearance of the Tank watch is also regarded as the most representative industrial design work of Art Deco style. Although the term Art Deco was officially released as late as 1925, it was already accumulated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and Louis Cartier was one of the pioneers. Art Deco is considered to be an extension of Art Nouveau, abandoning the soft, curved lines of organic and sensuality, combined with the mechanical aesthetics that arise from industrial culture, expressed in mechanical, geometric, and purely decorative lines. The emphasized rail-shaped “minute track” scale on the tank faceplate, as well as the radial Roman numerals, became Cartier’s most famous design.

The special design of the Tank watch, as well as Cartier’s own brand-name aura, has historically had a large number of celebrity advocates. Needless to say, the French stars such as Catherine Deneuve and Alain Delon. In 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy of the United States gave Mrs. Jackie a Cartier Tank watch, and the back of the watch was also engraved with “To Jackie, Love Jack”, becoming the most famous tank watch in history. French fashion master Saint Laurent also always wears his tank. Princess Diana of the United Kingdom is also a fan of Tank. There is also Pop Art Master Andy Warhol, who once said in an interview that the Tank watch he wore has never been winded up: “I wear a TANK watch, not to watch time, I just want to wear it..”

Although Cartier is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Tank series in a relatively low-key manner, it is still launching a new three-series series for the Tank watch, including the classic TANK Louis Cartier series, which has been fine-tuned and trimmed, with rough lines and the first large-scale steel. The version of the TANK Américaine series makes it easier to get started. And the TANK Franaise is with an elegant route on the line. In addition, the TANK Cintrée Watch, which was unveiled at the annual Advanced Complex Exhibition last month, is the most important high-end watchmaking work in this year’s tank series. Inspired by the TANK Cintrée of 1921, this watch is designed with a curved vertical alignment of the hand-wound movement with the large curvature of the case, echoing the appeal of Cartier’s fine watchmaking-“one watch, one movement”.

Classic and Timeless Masterpiece: Elegant Cartier Baignoire Series Was Appeared at 2019 SIHH Sun, 27 Jan 2019 06:47:39 +0000 Presenting the ubiquitous beauty is Cartier’s philosophy that provides a source of energy for Cartier’s creative design, and it is the origin of the birth of the Cartier Baignoire watch.

Everything starts with a novel attempt to discover the power of watchmaking design in ordinary things. In the 1910s, Cartier first introduced an oval-shaped watch, which was constantly innovated in the future. Cartier uses the two elements of the brand’s aesthetic style – sublimation of everyday objects and relentless pursuit of beauty to create a classic and timeless Cartier Baignoire watch.

Cartier Baignoire Collection Watch

The Cartier Baignoire watch is designed for intellectual ladies. This unique ladies’ watch is not limited to fashion trends, perfectly highlighting the French elegance that transcends the times.

Catherine Deneuve

Jeanne Moreau

Romy Schneider

Cartier Baignoire watches has appealed Catherine Deneuve, Romy Schneider, Jeanne Moreau and others who are with cultural connotations and tastes, they advocate the spirit of freedom Praise for excellence and strive to write a good life.

As the name suggests, the Cartier Baignoire watch is reminiscent of the legendary history of Cartier. In 1912, Louis Cartier innovated the traditional round watch and extended it. The two parallel lines are connected to two rounded curves, forming a shape like a bathtub, so the Cartier Baignoire watch is named after it. Since then, this style has been constantly changing and innovating. By the end of the 1950s, the original elliptical shape of the watch was slightly curved, with a Roman numerals or Arabic numerals on the dial, and a gold round sculpture, it has become the beginning of the emergence of ideas in the future.

Cartier Baignoire Collection Watch

Today’s Cartier Baignoire watch is completely re-conceived by Cartier design studio, while continuing its style as always. The refinement is more refined and elegant, with a delicate balance between purely simple design and delicate lines, this timepiece is designed to pay tribute to the classic Cartier Baignoire watch that was born in 1958. Based on the original design without changing: the strap is more slender, the re-combined Roman numerals are used on the silver matte dial, and the bottom cover is integrated with the case, which is water resistant to 30 meters, and in line with modern watches’s quality standards. The Cartier Baignoire watch continues Cartier’s classic aesthetics, since the geometrical oval shape is beautiful and charming. The 18K yellow gold watch shines brightly on the wrist while the beautiful diamonds on the 18K white gold watch is staggered along the edge and extends from the edge to the under the case, even the sights not visible also show exquisite craft.

Cartier Baignoire Allongée Collection Watch

At the end of 1960, the Cartier Baignoire watch ushered in the second peak of style history. In the era of the “Swinging London” trend, the Cartier London workshop launched the Cartier Baignoire Allongée. The elliptical shape of the Cartier Baignoire Allongée is stretched into an oversized style for women to wear, simple and stylish, and personal independence. The watch becomes a wrist declaration that expresses individuality.

Cartier Baignoire Allongée Watch

This Cartier Baignoire Allongée watch is the third climax of the history of the Cartier Baignoire watch. The Cartier Baignoire watch has become a creative theme that continually inspires new inspiration, while renewing its elegance and rejuvenating its vitality. Cartier boldly draws on the Parisian embossing in the jewellery design, and directly engraves the spiked decoration on the gold bezel to show the beauty and exquisiteness.

Men also Should Follow the Classics and Walk on the Road of Fashion, Santos de Cartier Timepiece WSSA0010 Is A Perfect Choice for Each Men Mon, 14 Jan 2019 06:38:31 +0000 Since its birth in 1904, the Santos de Cartier has been writing legends. As the pioneering work of the engineering era in the early twentieth century, the Santos de Cartier watch has become a symbol of modern style with its unique aesthetic design and groundbreaking functions.

Famous actor Aaron Paul

Famous actor Deng Chao

Speaking of the Santos de Cartier series, it is actually a historical charm, its birth and the aviation field are closely related. Louis Cartier, when talking with his best friend Alberto Santos Dumont, the famous Brazilian pilot, learned about the situation faced by the pilots at the time, in order to meet their demands on reading time during the flight, the first Cartier timepiece designed for men to wear in the wrist was born.

Alberto Santos Dumont

This year, Cartier updated the Santos de Cartier collection to launch a new generation of SANTOS DE CARTIER watches. The brand-new Santos watch is centered on the iconic aesthetics of comfortable wearing, clever layout and continuation of the watch. On the one hand, it retains the classic design elements, on the other hand it can keep pace with the times and is not afraid of the passage of time, still in the trend of the fashion. Next, let’s take a look at the Cartier Santos de Cartier timepiece WSSA0010 which perfect for men.

Watch Real Shot

This time, Cartier upgraded the new model of the Santos de Cartier series, retaining the classic design and innovating on it, such as bezels, bracelets and movements. The innovation of the bracelet is one of the highlights of this model, because Cartier uses a QuickSwitch, which is a hidden mechanism that combines with the case, so that the wearer can replace the straps or bracelets of stainless steel and 18K gold with different materials, and match the style that they like, keeping up with the trend. In addition, Cartier also uses a metal bracelet adjustment SmartLink, which can easily adjust the length of the metal bracelet without tools. These two technologies of Cartier have provided great convenience to the watch friends.

The new models of the Santos de Cartier series retain the squares and lines borrowed from Parisian architecture, breaking the common round design. The square shape presented by it echoes the exquisiteness and symmetry conveyed by the aesthetics of Paris in the early twentieth century, in order to pay tribute to the square design of the Eiffel Tower. The bezel has been carefully redesigned to provide a smoother and more harmonious connection to the bracelet. The delicate and long lines make the watch more contemporary and energetic.

Eight classic screws have been retained on the bezel. In addition to their practicality, they also commemorate the ubiquitous mechanical steel structure of the golden city of Paris, which is full of avant-garde and bold charm.

The heptagon crown is located on one side of the watch and is inlaid with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel. The tough straight line and the case are set against each other, blending modern fashion elements.

The white dial continues the large Roman numeral time scale design of the Santos de Cartier collection, with a track dial and blue steel hands for a clearer reading time. The classic and fashion collisions between the wrists make the charm of the man come out.

The straps made of stainless steel are exquisite and meticulous, and the two techniques mentioned above are technically used, so that you can do whatever you want in the event. It is very convenient to easily match the straps of different colors and materials according to different occasions.

This time Cartier used the self-produced 1847MC self-winding movement on this watch, which is excellent in diamagnetic, waterproof and anti-jamming. The power reserve is 42 hours. On this movement, Cartier showed his mastery of watchmaking skills and relentless pursuit.

From the value to the technology, Cartier’s new Santos de Cartier collection watch can make people feel excited. In 2018, it is based on the classics, combining vintage style with modern avant-garde atmosphere, so that every city man can show his charm. After all, the watch is like a person, walking on the road of fashion.

All Women Love It, this Should Be Luxury Ballon Blanc de Cartier 26MM Pink Gold Quartz Wristwatch CRWJBL0006 Sat, 22 Dec 2018 06:04:11 +0000 Everyone should be familiar with the Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, with a highly recognizable sapphire crown and numerous elaborate details, which have left a profound impact. Many celebrities have worn Ballon Bleu de Cartier timepiece, such as the Princess of Kate in the United Kingdom, and Julia Roberts, a famous American actress and producer. We can imagine the heat of the blue balloon, but another series of Cartier Blanc, do you know?

Princess of Kate and Her Ballon Bleu de Cartier Timepiece

Julia Roberts and Her Cartier Ballon Bleu Wristwatch

Chinese Actress Xin Zhilei and Her Cartier Ballon Bleu Wristwatch


Cartier’s Ballon Blanc, in which “Ballon” is derived from the double convex surface of the watch, “Blanc” is a symbol of the diamond inlaid at 4 o’clock, from the crown to the body, the Ballon Blanc de Cartier is interpreted in a circle. It can be said that the Ballon Blanc is a feminine version of the Ballon Bleu. The Cartier Ballon Blanc debuted in 2014, when it was introduced, in addition to the recognizable 4 o’clock round diamond, the bezel double ring diamond and diamond-encrusted bracelet are the highlights. Nowadays, the newly added members have retained the Cartier classic iconic design on the one hand, and on the other hand, the shining diamond design is like a woman’s flowing eyes, very fascinating.

This time Cartier launched four Ballon Blanc models, which are available in 26mm and 30mm sizes, with diamonds and unset diamonds. The new Ballon Blanc has a new look in the design, incorporating more feminine elements into it. The sleek design is fascinating under the lights. The glazed diamonds circulate between the wrists, and the jewels and watchmaking mysteries converge on this ethereal and elegant Ballon Blanc watch.

The new Ballon Blanc watch case is made of 18K rose gold. After polishing and retouching, it presents a metal-like warm and gorgeous texture, creating a luxurious charm for women. The bezel is no longer a double-ring diamond, and the design of the single-ring diamond is equally fascinating, making your style charm perfect at this moment.

A brilliant cut round diamond is set at 4 o’clock, which is a distinctive feature of the Ballon Blanc series.

The crown is located behind the round diamond to avoid damaging the overall design, and it is also convenient to adjust the time.

The dial is sanded with a matte finish and is decorated with a silver-plated sun ray pattern that gives a gradual effect in the sun. Another highlight of this new Ballon Blanc is that the time scale is presented in silver Roman numerals, which is elegant and low-key in color application, and more consistent with the theme of the overall watch. Paired with sword-shaped gold-plated hands, the feminine elegance is carried through to the end.

The strap is replaced with a semi-matte light gray crocodile leather strap with natural cracks, in addition to bringing a visual aesthetic, while providing a comfortable wear experience for the wearer.

Cartier’s classic logo design collides with innovative models, perfectly reflecting the fascinating side of the Ballon Blanc de Cartier watch, which radiates the diamonds around the body, wandering between elegance and unruly, and hitting the woman’s heart in one second. In this cold winter, the Ballon Blanc de Cartier watch makes it easy to create your elegant and modern style to accompany you for the winter.

Why is Cartier Santos the most Fashionable Square Watch in My Eyes (B) Wed, 12 Dec 2018 18:15:45 +0000 From 1963 to 1994, it can be seen that this series has slowly evolved. Since 1973, more styles and materials have been added. For example, in 1978, the Santos used stainless steel and gold, which was the first time in Cartier watch production, and also a big innovation in the design of the watch.

Material Innovation in 1978 (Left)

Commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of the Santos Series in 1994 (Right)

The mosaic inlaid watch in 2012 Brought Santos to a more artistic perspective.

This Manual-winding Watch is Limited to 40 Pieces in that Year

Santos has left too many works, and when we comment on products, we always like to mention history. There is a very simple reason – a product that has been sold for more than 100 years, and it has been proved by time.

But what is also proven by history is that value needs to keep pace with the times to prosper.

Therefore, it is a pity that this history only stays in the text description.

Not long ago, Cartier launched the new Tank Shanghai (formerly known as the Longhua Airport storage tank built in 1917, the flight-related genes determine this encounter), expressing the history of Sandus in a high-tech way, this exhibition has lasted for three days.

Night View of the Tank Shanghai

In other words, Cartier uses augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to let us “travel” to Paris in the early 20th century, just like experiencing the same scene as the audience of that year, and even simulate the flight of Santos.

In order to make the experience more realistic, we will see an Eiffel Tower about 12 meters high at the exhibition site. From the perspective of AR, the plane will surround the tower and take a view of Paris in 3D. In particular, everyone must wear VR glasses, as if flying personally through the plane to Paris, leap to the Paris Opera and the Seine…

It is said that the AR and VR devices of this exhibition were created by story creators, designers, developers and game engineers from 10 countries. It took 5 months to complete the project, and 3 months of them were drawing the clouds in the order under the lens to accurately present their alternating complex transparency – not hesitate to pay a lot of money, just for a short three days.

In fact, there are not many models that we can see on the day of the exhibition, including a total of about 20 collections and new watches, but in my opinion, the experience itself is the most valuable.

Of course, this year’s new Santos series still has to be mentioned, since I have saw it adapt to the changes of the times – whether the shape or the strap design.

Style Changes is Enough to Meet Demand

When Cartier redesigned, it left three core elements: comfortable to wear, clever layout and continuation of its logo aesthetics. Therefore, it is still a square watch (to pay tribute to the design of the Eiffel Tower), and of course retain the 8 screws of the bezel (the screw design of the year is also a big sign). In addition, the lines of the case and the bracelet are more harmonious, and the bracelet is more docile.

The Skeleton Design is Also Quite Tasteful

Most importantly, Cartier made a QuickSwitch setting under the strap so that the strap can be replaced at will.

You Can Do it by Yourself

More intimate is still behind, if the size is not suitable, even the bracelet can be easily cut off. The new Santos series has a SmartLink metal bracelet adjustment system that I have tried before, it is are easy to operate.

In the past, I defined Santos as a male model (in contrast, the tank is more suitable for women), but this year completely broke the gender, the colorful strap also let Santos have a modern taste.

Why is Cartier Santos the most Fashionable Square Watch in My Eyes (A) Wed, 05 Dec 2018 18:11:11 +0000 A friend recently asked me to introduce a fashionable square watch. Of course, the brand should be good enough. First, the potential consciousness of most people regard the round watch as the first choice, and there are not many people who actively want to have a square watch. Secondly, the word “fashionable” lets me think for a few minutes.

For me, the first watch in my life is a square watch, so I have a natural closeness to this friend, then I thoughtfully responded to her: Santos.

Perhaps mentioning Cartier, the Balloon Blue de Cartier is that you can’t miss in your mind (born in 2007, creating an amazing market), but the Santos with more than 100 years of history has more interesting stories with deep historical imprint.

After all, the watches with stories always make people think for a long time.

The history of Santos watches are well-known the watch lovers, but many details may not be truly restored. It is a watch related to human flight, and the initial solution is actually a practical problem – how to make it easier for the pilot to read the time while operating the aircraft.

The protagonist of the story is the famous Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos Dumont, and of course the other is his friend Louis Cartier.

Alberto Santos Dumont & Louis Cartier

One afternoon in October 1901, the people of Paris came to Saint-Cloud because they wanted to witness a flying feat – Sandos would test his Santos VI again and plan to surround the Eiffel Tower and returned to its original location. At the time, Louis Cartier had set a table next to the Eiffel Tower, and together with the famous novelists Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, prepared to celebrate Alberto Santos Dumont.

Santos and his Aircraft

In fact, just two months ago, Sandos suffered a defeat in driving the Santos V. However, this did not prevent him from driving the No. 6 spacecraft to continue the challenge.

When Santos walked around the Eiffel Tower, he suffered three engine lockouts. He relied on his own insurance, but spent a lot of time in dealing with the crisis, such as throwing sandbags. Although the final landing successfully, the audience also flocked to congratulate him on his success, but got bad news – because his performance exceeded the specified time of 40 seconds, he did not win the grand prize.

That night, Santos was very lost. He came to Maxim’s restaurant and told his friend Louis Cartier that he couldn’t take out his pocket watch to confirm the time when his hands had to control the spacecraft, so he lost.

Unintentional complaints, but it is remembered in Louise Cartier’s hearts. In 1904, the Cartier Santos watch was born to put the watch on the wrist and make it easier for the pilot to read the time.

Santos Watch in 1904

Santos is a person who is completely passionate about his dreams. He has not applied for any patents in his life, but this watch has completely recorded this history.

Later, Sandos himself’s fashion demonstration role also attracted the Paris citizens to be eager for this watch, Santos has also become one of Cartier’s classic series. In 1908, Cartier satisfied the desire of a few specific customers to own the watch, and according to the Cartier Company’s records, about 770 watches were produced from 1911 to 1973.

First, let’s take a look at the Santos watches from 1921 and 1926.

The Leather Strap Piece (Left) Belonged to Indian Maharaja of Rajpipla

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