September 2018


Elizabeth Taylor was honored as the hottest Hollywood actress and the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the Academy Award-winning actress in 1961 and 1967. Her love and eight marriages often are talked by people. It seems that pure love involved with money has gotten vulgar since antiquity, but it didn’t happened to Elizabeth Taylor. She had had the world-recognized gorgeous jewelry collection so far. Only the real beautiful woman makes jewelry brilliant, not be a slave of jewelry. Taylor not only loved jewelry but also had a further research on crafts, quality, rareness and historical value. Although she know more about jewelry, she never planed to collect which kind of jewelry. Her jewelry collection came from her (ex-)husbands or close friends, full of special meaning. She is the “Cleopatra” in people’s mind, and her marriage, screen images or life choices always cause people’s attention. As her death, treasure and jewelry she once owned are legendary stories.
Cartier Diamond and Ruby Jewelry Set
On 2nd of February, 1957, Elizabeth Taylor married her third husband Mike Todd, a Hollywood producer who is 25 years older than her. In order to celebrate their daughter’s birth, Mike Todd gave three Cartier boxes filled with a Cartier Diamond and Ruby necklace, earrings and a bracelet to Taylor in August of this year. At that time, Taylor was swimming in her house in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France. Without a mirror, she saw beautiful and shiny necklace, earrings and bracelet in the water, excited. The happy marriage stopped on March 2, 1958. Mike Todd would attend a party in New York by private plane, unfortunately, the plane crashed in New Mexico. Taylor recalled her third husband and said, “What he left to me is love, and he let me know what’s true love.” She was featured with Cartier diamond and ruby jewelry set at Vanity Fair 1985.

Cartier Taylors La Peregrina Pearl Necklace
Taylor ended her marriage with Eddie Fisher on March 6, 1964, then she married her fifth husband Richard Burton on 15th of the same month in Montreal, Canada. Richard Burton is the man Taylor loves the most. On Valentine’s Day, 1969, Richard Burton bid a tear-shaped pearl with a man from Spanish Royalty, but finally, Richard Burton bought it successfully at 37,000 dollars and gave it to her wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Inspired by a portrayal of Queen Mary in Scotland, Taylor and a Cartier designer Al Durante designed the La Peregrina Pearl Necklace. Natural pearls and rubies foil the tear-shaped pearl perfectly. She likes the pearl neck very much, so that she wore it in her film A Little Night Music. In 2012, Cartier Taylors La Peregrina Pearl Necklace was auctioned for 184,250,000 dollars.

Cartier Taylor-Burton Diamond Necklace
In 1969, Richard Burton bought the biggest and the most beautiful diamond in the world, and he named Taylor-Burton Diamond. Originated from South Africa, the diamond weights more than 240 carats. After Harry Winston cut it into a pear-shaped diamond weights 69.42 carats, it was sold for Cartier for 1million dollars. After much effort, Richard Burton got the diamond again from Cartier at 1.069 million dollars, then it was given to Taylor. I have to say that Richard Burton’s love for Taylor is true. It’s too large, so Elizabeth Taylor requested Cartier to redesign it. We see the finished product, Cartier Taylor-Burton Diamond necklace, and she attended the Academy Awards ceremony with it. The Taylor-Burton was sold for 3 million dollars in 1979 in order to build a hospital in Botswana, South Africa.

Cartier Taj Mahal Heart Diamond Pendent Necklace
To celebrate Taylor’s 40th birthday, Richard Burton gave a Taj Mahal Heart Diamond pendent necklace to Taylor in 1972. Elizabeth Taylor said in a humorous way, “Richard Burton would like to buy Taj Mahal for me, but it’s too huge to move it to our house in Switzerland. So the necklace is just my consolation prize.” The exotic necklace made Taylor more attractive. After Taylor’s death, the necklace was auctioned for 881,850,000 dollars.

Maybe God envies Taylor’s outstanding beauty, splendid career and brilliant jewelry, she suffered many diseases and didn’t have an entire home till her death. But this is Elizabeth Taylor, an unique woman.

A necklace is the earliest decoration in the history. It has been seen as an accessory closest to the heart, so it’s the best choice for marriage bonds and couples on Valentine’s Day or important festivals. The givers hope to lock the others’ hears. For most girls, they just want necklaces to adorn their necks and improve the entire charm value. With the development of economy and information technology, people know about luxury goods more and better. Some choose to save up to buy a piece of necklace by Cartier or Tiffany, and some choose to buy different pieces of fake Cartier necklaces. The rich look down on them, while the former criticize the later wrong value. It seems that it’s wrong that they have no money. OK, stop here. I aim to compare fake Cartier Trinity Tri-color Diamond Necklace B7224900 to Cartier Trinity Necklace B7224900.

Cartier, a world’s top jeweller with more than 170-year history, created many well-known jewellery collections, like Trinity de Cartier. Louis Cartier and Jean Cocteau met in a super club and became good friends. After getting to know about Jean Cocteau’s demands, Louis Cartier designed a ring in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold for him. The three-band interlaced ring symbolizes fidelity, friendship and love. The implied meaning of the Trinity ring the sincere call of generation after generation. The ring has inspired the full Trinity Collection, a timeless testament to life’s most memorable loves.

Cartier Trinity Necklace B7224900 is a single chain in yellow gold connecting to a Trinity pendent with a brilliant-cut diamond. The chain is very ordinary, because the Trinity pendent is the focus. The brilliant-cut diamond is held by three griffes fixed on the Trinity band. The chain is not long, suitable for length adjustable from 38 to 41cm. When it encircles the neck, the pendent is just between collarbones. Female charm unconsciously sets off.

The widespread, classic jewellery complies with the character “Less is More”, so it’s not difficult to copy their exterior look. Fake Cartier Trinity Tri-color Diamond Necklace B7224900 is not an exception. It looks almost the same as the genuine. What are the differences between them. The top replica version is finished according to the original size, precious material and details. The cheap one is just a fake, whose coarse will be exposed when you close up and observe it. From detail contrast in the pictures, surface and details of the genuine necklace are not afraid to be seen under a magnifying glass. It’s pity that the fake details are coarse, but it’s good that it’s made of sterling silver. For girls who have an allergy, it’s not the annoying one. Will you buy the cheap fake Cartier Trinity pendent necklace B7224900.