Cartier Tank watch was born in 1917 and was designed by Joseph. The appearance concept is derived from the parallel section of the French RENAULT tank. And the tank crawler evolved into the bar on the side of the case. Roman numerals, track scale rim, blue pomme pointer, diamond crown and leather strap. A masterpiece of the combination of war and aesthetics products has become the standard for the development of Tank wristwatch in the future. Tank series is the top model of Cartier, and is also a modern interpretation of square and rectangular watch. What’s more, the circular line of Tank series is the first to foretell the aesthetic rules of artistic style, and its geometric design is the modern standard of aesthetics.

With the arrival of the 20th century, Louis Cartier, who had a profound classical culture and loved collection, boldly explored the jewelry art design vocabulary and new artistic style. In the early 20th century, the exploration of wristwatch design mainly focused on modeling. Its aim is to integrate round shape into the lines of the strap. Reducing the complexity of the surface and making the case and the strap fit together. The beauty of the Tank watch is not divided. Its shape that is like the golden ratio of creation subtly blends profiles of square and rectangle. In addition, the free spirit and elegant style presented by the Tank watch have no gender identity. It’s also popular with both men and women. It transcends gender and age difference. And with the right proportion to reveal the modern style. For Gary Cooper, Andy Warhol, Madonna Ciccone and Catherine Deneuve, Tank wristwatch was seen as an unspoken fashion icon. Moreover, in the movie, The Son of the Sheik, Rudolf Valentino worn a Tank watch all the time. Even Diana, the princess of Wales, liked to wear the Tank watch.

For anyone who advocate the spirit of freedom in every era, Tank watch is undoubtedly the embodiment of taste and grace, which connects the past and present. And four classic works that lead the modern lifestyle are as follows: Tank Louis Cartier watch, Tank Américaine watch, Tank Française watch and Tank Cintrée watch.

As we all know, Tank Louis Cartier watch was released in 1922. And it symbolizes the true spirit of Tank. With the neat lines that are perpendicular to the lugs, rounded edges and the integrated lugs plus case, Tank Louis Cartier watch has been tested for many years with its iconic design. The striking shape and the unique style display the pure and enduring charm of the watch.

And, Tank Française watch is equipped with the steel bracelet. The curved case and the watch bracelet are integrated perfectly. Its lines, shapes and materials are harmonious. And the geometric design becomes more softer and striking. The details of the watchmaking process highlight the whole line of the watch. Now, this watch with the practical function and unique style combines the steel material with bright diamonds well.

More, Tank Américaine watch was designed in 1987 and was officially launched in 1989. Its curved case continued the design concept of Tank Cintrée wristwatch in 1921. The extended line and the slightly curved shape make the wristwatch strong and enduring. The Tank Américaine wristwatch gives a full play to the watchmaking process and geometric aesthetics. Handsome and elegant features, straight line and curve, round and the corners, all these are cleverly blended into the one. In addition, it is also the first Cartier watch with the waterproof function.

Last, Tank Cintrée watch was a bold exploration of functionality and style. And it set the stage for the launch of the Tank Américaine watch wristwatch in the 1980s. The vertical extension line is strong and powerful, and is the frame of the overall shape. With this masterpiece, Cartier reveals its remarkable ability of watchmaking. It is equipped with a hollow movement that is designed for curved case. Through the simple design, only the classic elements are revealed. So, the unforgettable aesthetic style is combined with the unique and extraordinary machine movement. And it can be called the masterpiece of art.

All in all, the Tank series with the ultimate essence of modern style is a triumph of pure elegance and eternal design. For many of its enthusiasts, Tank watch is a symbol of life. Because, they avoid luxurious boasts and prefer the simple and authentic elegance.

The Clé de Cartier watch gets its name from a crown that resembles a key. And Clé has the meaning of “key” in French. Cartier, which is based on avant-garde and fashionable feature, puts the idea of making a wristwatch into the time when the watch was winded and adjusted by the key. This is why the classic and mysterious key is incorporated into the new wristwatch. And this is the impressive Clé de Cartier watch. Moreover, the watch with sapphire has become one of the most recognizable and influential collections. However, this article is going to appreciate the new Clé de Cartier that was launched in 2017. The noble purple watch band is combined with the soft rose gold case and the dial with diamonds. From the appearance, the bright and elegant appearance of the new products can be displayed perfectly.

Tracing the history of this series, Cartier launched the Clé de Cartier series in 2015. This series combines the lines of the early pocket watch and winding action into the design of the wristwatch. It also designed a unique crown with the square shape and convex sapphire. Then, the sapphire crown became the symbol of this series, which is still regarded as a classic item by the horological lovers.

The watch is designed to follow the elegant style of the series. The 31mm 18K rose gold case after polishing process presents a delicate texture and smooth radian. And it is integrated with delicate ears. The same material crown with a sapphire has ornamental value and brand recognition. From the side of the wristwatch, you can see the thick and full watch bezel and the elegant dial. The white dial is decorated with guilloche pattern. 10 bright well-cut round diamonds appear on dial as time scale. And the square base shows the delicate details processing. Two blue sword-shape pointers in the center of the dial and diamonds scale make the time direct and clear. At 6 o’clock, there is also a calendar display window that can show the connotation of women. The new Cartier 1847MC type automatic wind movement, which is produced and assembled by the master of Cartier, is placed inside the wristwatch. More, the movement is decorated with Geneva ripples. With 25.6mm diameter, two-way self-winding and 40 hours of power storage. In addition, the case back with a dense process design can well protect the safety of the movement. A bright purple alligator leather strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle is comfortable to wear. Simple and elegant pin buckle design is not only beautiful, but also can protect the safety of the watch on the wrist.

On the whole, this Clé de Cartier fully presents an elegant, low luxury and brilliant side. No matter from which point of view, the details of the handling in place make the watch has a full ornamental value. At the same time, the built-in brand self-made movement highlights the precise characteristic of the timepiece. So, women who love this watch can think about it.

For decades, Cartier creates many dazzling wristwatches: Santos de Cartier, Tonneau, Tortue, Baignoire, etc. Cartier Libre series takes the creative inheritance into the modern era and pushes the advanced original inspiration to the extreme. Cartier Libre series is the passion of Cartier’s artistic interpretation of the iconic wristwatch. The lines after stretching, compressing and changing compose a free and unobtrusive masterpiece. So, Cartier Libre watches have become a favorite choice for wristwatch collectors.

Complete metamorphosis, bright debut. Cartier Libre series presents an unrivalled splendor. And this series re-deduces brand wristwatches and shows the lively and abundant creative ideas. An unprecedented and bold look pays tribute to the Baignoire or the Crash wristwatch. The technique is luxuriant and bold. And the precious materials and the contrast tones are cleverly used. Thus, the feminine glamour the refreshing Cartier creation idea are displayed vividly.

Unique personality, eclectic creativity. Cartier’s design symbol is always the focus, and can present the brand’s outstanding demeanor. So, the following five jewellery watches illustrate Cartier’s symbolic features.

The first item is the Baignoire Interdite watch. It masterfully mastered the space game, which is dazzling and fascinating. Oval dial with horizontal shape perfectly foils your wrist, and fully displays the beautiful visual design. black glossy ADLC coating long case are decorated with large Roman numerals. The beautiful diamonds on dial is faintly looming, while also revealing the mysterious and dreamy temperament. Outstanding elegant demeanor shows the classic aesthetic concept of freedom. This watch is made of white K gold. And the watch case is encrusted with diamonds. With ADLC coating, quartz movement and limited sale of 50 pieces.

The second one is Baignoire Étoilée watch. The black spinels and the crystal diamonds pour like the waterfall, which look very gorgeous and dazzling. With possessing the unique monochrome contrast and the mini dial with double row precious gemstones, this perfect black and white wristwatch presents a stunning visual effect. It is made of white K gold. Watch bracelet and case are inlaid with diamonds and black spinels. Carrying the quartz movement. Limited sale of 50 pieces.

The third wristwatch is Baignoire Débordante. It is made of white K gold. And the case is inlaid with diamonds and black spinels. Built-in quartz movement. Limited sale of 50 pieces. Looking carefully at this watch. Perfect master the virtual reality and create a unique three-dimensional structure. The round and graceful watch with the embossed look is decorated with precious and ornate gems. The unreserved and bold ideas are used incisively and vividly.

The fouth one is Baignoire Infinie watch. Totally made of white K gold. The case is decorated with diamonds and black spinels. With mother-of-pearl dial, quartz movement and limited sale of 50 pieces. The watch is inspired by the Baignoire Allongee watch, but only the curved design is reserved. The round shape turns to the long design, and the central part becomes the visual focus. With asymmetry tocompose the perfect balance, and with the gorgeous style to intoxicate people. The dial is paved with cut diamonds, white mother-of-pearl and black spinels in trapezoid way. Bright gemstones are radiant with brilliance, and also subtly adorn three crowns. Moreover, the mini black dial is decorated with a row of beautiful diamonds. The unique jewelry works with the outstanding style fully presents the elegant demeanor.

The last item is Crash Radieuse watch. With yellow K gold watch case, 8970 MC type manual movement and limited sale of 50 pieces. The watch has a warped case. The irregular case, which is decorated with multiple elliptical patterns, seems to be folded and stretched. The big Roman numerals scale seems like a flash in the pan. The center of dial has the strong and powerful wave pattern. The Crash watch exerts its charm to the extreme, and reveals the distinctive female charm. The otherworldly qualities of the original irregular case have been sublimated to reflect the elegant temperament and confidence.

Art is more endowed with distinctive features and high profile. Under the foil of diamonds, the modelling design of Cartier Libre is amazing. Innovative and bold wristwatches are created in an unexpected way to break the stereotypical routine. Thus, the creative freedom and the bold spirit of Cartier Libre series are displayed.

The Baignoire watch shows the classic style of the brand to young modern women with its perfect elliptical line and delicate exterior. At the same time, this watch with Parisian feature is also the most precious treasure. After the clever adjustment, the new style shows the precision and balance, and it sublimates the traditional spirit of the brand. A wristwatch full of women’s images perfectly merges the soft and the extremely preciseness. Women’s dreams and grace make the different marks of the brand come together again, such as the straight Roman numerals, fleeting lines and the scale rail composed of dots and lines.

Wearing a Baignoire watch during the day so that each woman can better control the time. Small Baignoire watch with leather and satin watch band can perfectly exude charming and delicate temperament. And large Baignoire watch shows the extraordinary charm and mature demeanor.

What’s more, wearing different Baignoire evening watch is very convenient to match many different beautiful evening gowns, just like the watch with diamonds can give eye-catching dazzling. The new series is more capable of highlighting the brand’s attention to detail.

As a section of cone, the ellipse has two focal points from the beginning, which can make it different from other geometric figures. Mathematicians have discovered that any line that passes through the center of the ellipse can cut the ellipse into two identical shapes. Compared with the other geometry, due to the symmetry and balance of the ellipse, it is more complete and full on the whole. The curved contour has dynamic tension in the static, and it can easily create a visual thinking space that draws on the mind. Cartier Baignoire watch is famous for its seductive elliptical case. And this unique case was designed by Louis Cartier in 1912. In 1956, the oval-shaped watch did not yet have its own name, but it was already in line with Cartier’s other series of watches, such as Tank and Santos. By 1968, this collection introduced extra-large and extra-large models, and at the same time, a number of different innovative styles were derived. Until 1973, this series was officially named Baignoire.

This series is one of the best embodiment of elliptic philosophy on the watch. While the appearance is soft and beautiful, a sharp straight Roman numeral is chosen. The time scale consisting of the beautiful lines and dotted lines appears to be both soft and rigid.

Therefore, Cartier Baignoire series of watches with the iconic design of the bathtub appears in the public view. It is one of the most beloved watches of women after Ballon Bleu de Cartier and Tank. With elegant lines and high-quality materials, it is quite popular with female consumers.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier was inspired by human’s dreams that was related with flying. The Montgolfier blue balloon, which was successfully launched in 1783, was the first human vehicle. The ultra-thin Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch takes the elegance to the extreme. The watch that perfectly fuses the classic and innovative features is like a brilliant star beyond the imagination. And it continues to be innovative, and has been serving three new types: the sophisticated chronograph watch, magnificent diamond-studded watch and stylish ultra-thin watch.

The blue balloon that break free from the shackles of the gravity turns into the beautiful sapphire crown on one side of the watch. And it carries the human’s imagination and eternal yearning for the mysterious and beautiful outer space, and the endless strength and courage of love. It is no wonder that many couples express their affection for each other with Ballon Bleu de Cartier.

On the classic outline of Cartier chronograph watch, the timing complex functions are added. At three o’clock and six o’clock of the checked dial, the classic Roman numerals were replaced by a small minute sub-dial and second sub-dial. And the date display window was moved to 9 o’clock. The sapphire crown is placed between the the standard timing double buttons.

About the magnificent diamond-studded Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, it adopts the selective diamonds and uses the excellent mosaic process. Eleven diamonds scale on the dial is like bright stars in the deep blue sky, and can guide the pace of time in the light. The diamonds on the dial and the sapphire crown draw a beautiful picture of the stars.

More, Ballon Bleu de Cartier ultra-thin watch is known for its thin watch body and light texture. In the large 46mm case, the mechanical parts of the movement work in their respective position and complement each other. In addition, the case can be made of red K gold, white K gold or platinum. Among them, red K gold and white K gold watch are decorated with silver carved dial. The platinum watch is lined with a dark blue dial, which hides the mysterious and luxurious atmosphere.

A wonderful work will surely be above the imagination of the Cartier maestro and definitely create a new round of “blue balloon” fashion trend. Deep blue maps the mature wisdom; the exquisite round tastes the fun of time. The super-convex sapphire crown and the sleek case are innovative and can lead the trend. Whether it’s a chronograph watch, a diamond-encrusted wristwatch, or an ultra-thin watch, it will be an option to highlight luxury tastes.