Prestigious watchmakers have always liked to combine precious materials such as jewelry with watches to create an exclusive women’s jewelry watch, and Cartier is no exception. During this year’s SIHH 2019 exhibition, Cartier launched the new BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE GÉLADON watch, which is a combination of precious emeralds such as emeralds, Paraiba Tourmaline, black spinels, and yellow sapphires, the ultimate luxury. Today, let’s take a look at one of the Cartier BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE GÉLADON timers.Cartier Baignoire-Allongee timers

Cartier presents two BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE GÉLADON watches this time, one of which is made of 18K yellow gold with cut diamonds, black spinel and yellow sapphires for a graceful finish.Cartier-Baignoire-Allongee-Watch silver

Our protagonist today is this stunning watch made of 18K white gold with brilliant-cut round diamonds in the case and dial, amazing and sparkling, showing a dazzling appeal.Cartier-Baignoire- diamonds Watch

In addition, the emerald and Paraiba tourmaline are embedded in the case, attracting contemporary women with bold and trendy glamour.Cartier-Baignoire-Allongee-Watch line

The oval case designed by Louis Cartier in 1912 is extremely recognizable, showing completeness and fullness. Compared with the ordinary round case, the slightly outwardly expanding curve of the BAIGNOIRE watch is very dynamic, symbolizing the elegant expression of women, the overall line is soft and smooth, making it can be worn as a piece of breath-taking jewelry on the wrist.Cartier-Baignoire-Allongee-Watch designCartier-Baignoire-Allongee-Watch crown

The oval dial is inlaid with 573 brilliant-cut round diamonds weighing about 2.57 carats. Each diamond converges in light, which helps it become the focus of everyone’s eyeballs. The diamonds that are closely embedded are like the stars of the sky, dazzling and stunning.Cartier-Baignoire-Allongee-Watch strap

The watch is paired with a green crocodile leather strap that is echoed with the emeralds and Paraíba bismuth stones on the case in the color matching, showing the exceptional elegance and impressive romance.Cartier-Baignoire jewelry watch clasp

The clasp is also crafted in 18K white gold with round-cut diamonds to showcase the ultimate sumptuous in detail. The watch is equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement, refined by the Cartier 1917MC workshop, with a swing frequency of 21600vph. It can provide about 38 hours of power storage when fully loaded, definitely suitable for female’s daily use.Cartier BAIGNOIRE ladies timer 2019

Summary: The new BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE GÉLADON watch of Cartier breaks the rhythm of traditional women’s watches with bold and unique color schemes and extra-sparkling gemstones while exuding the iconic elegance. The new watch is limited to 50 pieces, and there are 18k white gold and 18K gold models to be selected. If you need an ultra-delicate and remarkably exclusive watch, it is a priority idea to choose from these luxurious BAIGNOIRE watches of Cartier.