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1.Retro Design Style Gucci Bee Earrings (SKU GUCA048)

These earrings ensure that a girl wearing them will get all the attention she wants. The retro design of these earrings will perfectly suit both, old-school and new fashion outfits.

2.Gucci Brass Band With Pearl & GG Logo (SKU GUCA034)

This ring of a unique design with a huge pearl will make any girl that wears it feel like a queen

3.Gucci Bracelet With Tri-Colour Enamel (SKU GUCA054)

Made out of high-quality silver, this bracelet will suit both, men and women. It carries traditional Gucci colors, green and red. and without a doubt will leave others impressed.

4.Crystal Gucci Tortoiseshell Plexiglass Single Hair Barrette (SKU GUCA047)

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