When it comes to the interlocking band jewelry, how many people will Trinity de Cartier occur to immediately like me? Girls are addicted to its modern design, historical story and brand value behind it. It’s in 2017 that five-band rings, bracelets and earrings made in Tiffany arrived in the market. Whether has Tiffany Paloma’s Melody affect sales volume of Trinity de Cartier?

Trinity de Cartier
In the 1920s, Louis Cartier designed a Cartier Trinity ring for his good friend Jean Cocteau, a famous poet. Three bands in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold were interlocked together, symbolizing friendship, fidelity and love. So far, it has been one of the most reputable rings across the world, and it has been a brand mark and the source of inspiration of Cartier. No matter how time flies and fashion trend changes, Trinity de Cartier is a symbol of one’s status and individual style. Three bands in gold reflect French elegance, interlocking naturalism and classicism. The Trinity de Cartier ring symbolizes a legend.

Cartier Trinity in three kinds of gold in the early age uses sincerity and pureness to express sincere emotion. With time, Trinity de Cartier is added to the new elements constantly, from the simple style to the luxurious&high-tech style. Nowadays, it has been an attractive “lady”. In 2009, Trinity de Cartier jewelry was adorned with brilliant diamonds on basis of jewelry in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. In April, 2010, Cartier Trinity tassel arrived in the market. The classic Trinity was fused with lovely and soft tassels. Combining with leopard print, Cartier Trinity Sauvage brings new visual enjoyment. The yellow gold band is decorated with leopard prints, demure, wild and sexy. In September of the same year, Cartier Trinity Ceramic was launched.

Tiffany Paloma’s Melody
In 2017, Tiffany launched the lyrical Paloma’s Melody, five interlocking bands designed by Paloma Picasso. She said, “As for me, jewelries are not only an accessory. I feel I am protected gently when I am wearing them.” The conviction is rooted in the Paloma’s Melody collection. Paloma Picasso is considered as an icon in the fashion circle. Born in Paris, Paloma Picasso is a daughter of Pable Picasso and Francoise Gilot. She designed costume of theatre for some avant-garde operas in the early years of her career. During the period, her talent in designing jewelry emerged gradually. She created a unique style with colored gemstones and became famous.

Tiffany Paloma’s Melody was finished on basis of Paloma Picasso’s Calife collection. With yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, diamonds and black spinels, five interlocking bands are designed into rings, bracelets, earrings and pendents. Five bands of a piece of jewelry symbolizes dream, beauty, creation, passion and gratitude. The yellow gold edition and white gold edition are adorned with white diamonds, while the rose gold edition is decorated with black spinels. Tiffany Paloma’s Melody highlights fluid design.

Trinity de Cartier VS Tiffany Paloma’s Melody
Trinity de Cartier is a three-band design in three kinds of gold or gold and ceramic, while Tiffany Paloma’s Melody consists of five interlocking bands in the same kind of gold. Due to the patent right, every Paloma’s Melody jewelry is made in at most one kind of gold. Cartier Trinity has 93-year history, and the story behind it is enough to attract more women. Because Cartier Trinity was born earlier, Tiffany Paloma’s Melody is worn with a hat of “copy” possibly, but it won’t affect its sales. From historical value, cultural value and features, Cartier Trinity won’t be affected by Tiffany Paloma’s Melody.