Cartier High Jewelry watch


As for watch brands, advanced wristwatch and high jewelry watch reflect their watchmaking standards and excellent creativities. High jewelry watch includes designers’ unique creativities and extraordinary craftsmanship. The jewelry carved by watchmakers and jewelry designers is infused into new vitality. Themed as precious gems, Cartier fuses high jewelry and advanced timepieces. Two kinds of iconic craftsmanship expresses the quest for beauty together. In addition to innovation and excellent craftsmanship, The essence of Cartier is to give life to the beautiful gems.

High Jewelry visible hour “Papyrus” watch
High Jewelry visible hour “Papyrus” watch, mechanical movement with manual winding caliber Cartier 8971 MC. Rhodiumized 18K white gold dial, case and bracelet set with 32 antique cushion-shaped step-cut emeralds from Zambia totaling 38.20 carats, 26 triangular-shaped step-cut diamonds totaling 5.43 carats, onyx, 642 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 9.94 carats, black oxidized steel sword-shaped hands. Unique piece, wrist size: 163 mm.

Although inspired by classic tradition, “Papyrus” high jewelry watch shows modern style. Cartier designers looked through historical archives that Cartier collected and also were inspired by the emerald and its mild green, they finally chose Papyrus. Wide leaves of Papyrus and rare emeralds show modern style with freedom.

High Jewelry Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré watch
High Jewellery Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré watch, Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding and mysterious double tourbillon, calibre 9463 MC. Case and chain in rhodium-finish 18K white gold set with a faceted oval-shaped Ceylon sapphire of 25.93 carats, with 1,017 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 15.92 carats, with 31 rose-cut diamonds totaling 1.00 carat, with 18 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 2.45 carats, with 14 sapphires totaling 2.27 carats, with a princess-cut diamond for 0.32 carats, and with onyx, with a sapphire crystal and case-back, rhodium-finish steel sword-shaped hands. Water-resistant to 3 bar (approx. 30 metres). Unique piece.

Multi-layered lines form the pendant style, like a dancing butterfly. Sapphire wings, the body set with dazzling diamonds. Double mysterious tourbillon crafted in the pure dial look like hanging in the air. A delicate mechanism hidden in the jewelry deserve to be outstanding. The back of the work is made delicately, and its well-polished movement stands stands out perfectly. It took masters 2,050 hours (17 months) to accomplish such a masterpiece.

High Jewelry Cartier à l’Infini visible hour watch
High Jewelry Cartier à l’Infini visible hour watch, mechanical movement with manual winding, caliber 101. Rhodiumized 18K white gold case and bracelet set with 320 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 6.10 carats, black lacquer décor, silvered translucent lacquered sunray effect dial, 18K white gold pyramid hour marker at 12 o’clock, rhodiumized steel sword-shaped hands. Wrist size: 163 mm.

Black and white, smooth jade and grained decoration with brilliant-cut diamonds and rose-cut diamonds form clever contrasts. It took 600 hours to achieve Cartier à l’Infini visible hour watch with balanced beauty. Saturn bracelet in 18K white gold, diamonds and black jades. Simple but elegant style and delicate but charm lines reveal perfect craftsmanship.

Every girl is on the quest for beauty throughout the world. In addition to being born beautiful, some accessories can also set off girls’ charm. It is the value of jewelry. When we appreciate a piece of jewel, we find that it’s gorgeous and flawless from any angle. It is indeed designed delicately and carefully from its shape, gem types, cutting, lustre and detail polishing finish. Jewelry reflects a design that perfectly presents products that nature gives to the human. We can feel that from Cartier works.

The Jeweller of Kings and the King of Jewellers, the widespread title proves Cartier’s status in the jewelry field. The brand from France has begun to build its kingdom of jewelry since 1874. The timepieces would be noble and luxury until Cartier combined high jewelry and delicate watches. Different from sophisticated mechanical men’s watches, high jewelry watches for ladies stand out their elegance, nobility and identity.

Cartier High Jewelry “Panthère Arctique” Visible Hour watch
High Jewelry “Panthère Arctique” visible hour watch, mechanical movement with manual winding, caliber 101. Rhodiumized 18K white gold case and bracelet set with one cushion-shaped faceted turquoise-colored aquamarine of 39.28 carats, sapphire spots, emerald eyes, onyx nose, 1617 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 33.91 carats, sunray brushed dial with hour marker set with one diamond, rhodiumized steel sword-shaped hands, wrist size: 157 mm.

Cartier designers use their rich imagination to create the treasure that combines natural gems with a timepiece. The most iconic panther watch case. 18K white gold panther-body bracelet is decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds, sheeny and luxury. Sapphire leopard prints, black onyx nose, and the eyes are decorated with emerald gems. A cushion-shaped sapphire weighting 39.28 carats are held in front paws vividly.

Cartier High Jewelry “Tutti Agrumes” Secret Hour Watch
High Jewelry “Tutti Agrumes” Secret Hour Watch, quartz movement. Rhodiumized 18K white Gold case and bracelet set with one cushion-shaped engraved Emerald from Colombia of 9.74 cts, engraved Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies, Ruby beads, cabochon-cut emeralds, calibré-cut Diamonds, brilliant-cut Diamonds sun ray-brushed dial, emerald marker, rhodiumized 18K white gold sword-shaped hands. Water resistant to 3 bar (approx, 30 meters). Unique piece, wrist size: 159 mm.

Born in the 1920s, the Tutti Frutti collection shows bright but unique colors. Cartier designers combine precious metals with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds to create the unique piece with delicate engraving. life-like gem leaves and fruits record the passing years and vibrant life. High Jewelry “Tutti Agrumes” Secret Hour Watch reflects Cartier’s unique aesthetics.

Cartier Trait D’ Éclat Watch High Jewelry Watch
Cartier Trait D’ Éclat High Jewelry Watch, mechanical movement with manual winding, Cal. 101. Rhodiumized 18K white gold case and bracelet set with 15 oval Mozambique rubies of 24.93 carats, brilliant-cut ladder-shaped diamonds and a brilliant-cut water drop-shaped diamond. Black oxidized steel sword-shaped hands.

In the early of the 1920s, rubies were used to decorate Indian prince jewels. In April, 1956, Prince Grace who was wearing a Cartier crown with three cabochon rubies to take an official photo, and the rubies that can be removed and worn as a brooch were lived by her. In 1957, Elizabeth Taylor received a Cartier necklace with rubies from her husband, Mike Todd. The necklace witnessed their prefect love. Cartier has been keeping exploring new, aesthetic and unique style to create more treasures.