What are luxury goods? Luxury refers to an economic good or service for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises. Luxury refers to internationally a type of consumer goods beyond peoples existence and development scope, which is special, sparse and rare. Generally, we call them non-necessities of life. To buy and use luxury goods is a luxurious consumption. Many people are moonlighting to put money away for luxury goods. Why do the rich or high-income groups demand for luxuries? Luxury goods are symbols of social status, capacity and wealth. Economically speaking, luxury goods refer to these products with highest value. In my opinion, to collect luxury goods, like wristwatches, purses and jewelries for the rich or celebrities is an investment. Luxury goods for the rich are the life necessities, but for the general public, they are just non-necessities.

 Along the spread of high prestige and exalted status of luxury, replica luxury goods were born at right moment. More and more bought or want to buy some. Why is that so? As one of the group, I think we just are closer to luxury and know something about it. It seems that every piece of luxury goods has a moving story behind it, which always bring good luck to its owner. I ordered quite a few luxury goods not because they can gratify my vanity, and I just like the style and appreciate the chic design. I often order some high-quality replicas. One hand, I am closer to the latest fashion trends; on the other hand, I happily get items I like. Among replicas I ordered, the most impressive is a couple of replica Cartier Love rings, replica Cartier Love ring CRB4085300 and CRB4050500. The replica Cartier Love couple rings are witnessing the struggles, joys, pains, and thrills between my husband and me. To today, we still wear them.

Years ago, we didn’t have enough economic power to buy jewelry, like Cartier or Tiffany. I like Cartier Love and its story, to be honest, I really want a Cartier ring, but I am not a vain girl. After discussion, my boyfriend and I ordered two Cartier Love replicas in sterling silver, and reference CRB4085300 is for him, and reference 4050500 is for me.

Cartier love ring CRB4085300 is a classic style in sterling silver without any diamond. Reference CRB4050500 is inlaid with a man-made white zircon. I think they are of high quality. When I touch the screws on the surface of the rings, I feel smooth touch, not rough touch. They faded a little and have some scratches because we have wore for years, but the discolored style with scratches is like an antique which experienced a lot. More vintage, more attractive.

Cartier is a top jewelry brand across the world. It has the reputable title “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”. It has been popular with the royal, famous stars and celebrities since it was born in 1847. It cannot reach the top of high-status fields without exquisite craftsmanship, supreme materials and extreme innovation. Cartier had created many classic models in the history of more than 170 years. Of them, Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU is honored as the most famous nail in the world. Comparing to Cartier Love collection, the Juste Un Clou based on a nail has a simpler exterior design and unsex style. The Juste Un Clou with original features and extraordinary meaning fits all women and men.

Juste un Clou means “just a nail” in French. Aldo Cipullo joined Cartier in the 1970s and designed the Juste un Clou for Cartier. The 1970s is a decade which gives enduring inspiration for designers on fashion, music and decoration. In 2009, the program Styleontrial on BBC talked about distinct characteristics of the era and the fashion trends from the 1940s to 1990s. The 1970s was honored as the most stylish decade by the program, because it reflected the aesthetic orientation of that era – diversity. The diversity styles benefit by the explosion of New Visual Language in the 1970s. In one sense, the long-period aesthetic consciousness fell in the 1970s. “Pop Art” and “Deco Art” became the mainstream really in the 1970s. For fashion circle, to encourage and show individuality was praised highly. There is no right or wrong fashion look, and your style or your look was up to yourself. Rags in Countercultural indicated that the 1970s was an opportunity to break tradition and stifle thought.

Elizabeth Taylor is wearing a Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet in her film.

Duke of Windsor is wearing a Cartier Juste un Clou ring in the picture.

Aldo Cipull made a nail into an ordinary nail into an extraordinary jewelry. The nail-shaped jewelry has made a different for more than 40 years, symbolizing a classic era. Cartier Juste Un Clou was published once it appeared in the VOGUE. Elizabeth Taylor ordered the Juste Un Clou bracelets for herself. Although time flies, the appeal to the nail never fades.

Cartier Juste Un Clou rings look ordinary but classic. Less is More. The simpler models are, the higher demand their exterior look. Distinctive design and the echo of simpleness and luxury show male and female goodness and beauty fully. Not just a trendy item, the Juste Un Clou rings also become a token of affection between couples. The Juste Un Clou with individuality and free and easy carriage blooms the purest shape. All times aren’t lack of pioneer figures who can be themselves and pursue their dreams in their distinctive ways. The Juste Un Clou bracelets are suitable for all women and men at any age. You have your personal charm no matter how many pieces you wear on your wrists. The Juste Un Clou necklaces don’t fit all women, so I suggest that you should be careful to buy.

Frankly speaking, I adore Cartier because the Cartier design is simple but elegant, vintage but modern. I like Cartier more when I know about the stories behind the collection, but the fancy price makes me a surprise. I tried searching some similar models in online shops and find them. These online shops will produce the same models made of gold and diamonds or silver and gemstones according to the demands of customers. After asking some details, I was determined to order some pieces what I like better made of silver and man-made zircon. I was surprised at their quality and craftsmanship after they arrived. I know they’re fake, but it’s enough that they fit me well and make me happy. I directly told them it’s fake when some asked about my necklace. Some criticized what I did, but I don’t care. I don’t often buy replicas unless I like some items very much. I think to buy a replica is a piece of cake, so we don’t make a fuss. I just like those styles.

Of what I bought, I like 2 types of replica Cartier diamond necklaces better. A single chain in sterling silver with a pendent decorated with diamonds. The simple but sweet, elegant style fits ladies at any age well. Here I just want to recommend them to girls and hope to help you. Besides, I searched some information about the two necklaces and share with you.

Replica Amulette De Cartier Necklace with Diamonds
It is well-known that Cartier is a French jeweler and watchmaker, and it deserves the title “the king in jewelry circle”. “Amulette” means the talisman in French, so Amulette De Cartier is one of the most popular jewelry as soon as it comes in the market. A piece of Amulette De Cartier jewelry is like a talisman bringing girls good luck. You believe something beautiful first, then you will get it hopefully. For girls, the jewelry with beautiful meanings always works well. I often see Amulette De Cartier on TV and internet and in the apartment stores. Cartier selects and uses precious metals and natural gems to express the wish. Available in opal, lapis, malachite, carnelian, chrysoprase, mother of pearl, onyx or diamond style. I only love the Amulette De Cartier diamond necklace.

The replica Amulette De Cartier diamond necklace I bought is made in sterling silver and man-made zircon. I just love the simple style. It easily match with my outfits in different styles, showing sweet, elegant or cool style. Without multicolor, complicated designs, it still stands out. I often wear it and replica Galanterie De Cartier diamond necklace.

Replica Galanterie De Cartier Necklace with Diamonds
The Galanterie De Cartier diamond necklace was lunched in October of 2015. Cartier used Art DECO and symmetric geometric patterns to show high end craft and beauty of urban ladies. Comparing with the Amulette De Cartier diamond necklace, it enhances ladies’ elegance and charm. The replica Galanterie De Cartier diamond neck I ordered is made of 925 silver and white zircon, very beautiful.

Every piece of jewelry has a life and a story, and jewelry without a story is just like a beautiful stone. Cartier, which has a legendary history of more than 170 years, gives women precious traits: Legend, Nobleness, Mystery and Power.Cartier Trinity tells a story on friendship and love.

Cartier Trinity Ring
Francesca Cartier Brickell who is granddaughter of late Jean-Jacques Cartier recalled the generation of Cartier Louis Cartier was very sociable. He often got together with celebrities in high-level clubs so that he could got opportunities to design jewels for them. In 1924, Louis Cartier designed a Trinity ring for Jean Cocteau, a poet. The unique, movable ring was made of three interlaced bands of yellow gold, white gold and pink gold which symbolize loyalty, friendship and love. The Trinity nearly describes the whole process of one’s life. Everything will be with you forever when you wear it. The Trinity ring shows French elegance, interlacing naturalism and classicism. Taking the Trinity ring as the starting point, Cartier had developed Trinity bracelets, Trinity necklaces and Trinity earrings.

Luxury Cartier Trinity
Cartier Trinity has moved from the simple style to the luxury style. The early, classic models are made of three interlaced bands of three kinds of K gold, a symbol of sincere emotion. As time goes by, Cartier also adds new elements to the basic models constantly so that the Trinity foils women’s charm and traits. The Trinity adorned with starry diamonds hit the market gorgeously in 2009. It seems that the brilliant diamond is the patron saint of Loyalty, Friendship and Love. Stiffer Trinity jewelry, more sincere emotion between men and women.

Cartier Trinity Tassel
Tassels are the mainstay of the fashion trend at any era. Cartier applied tassels to new Trinity collection in April of 2010, and Cartier used hardness of precious metals to show soft ans smooth features. The tricolored interlaced bands fixing multi-strand chains in yellow gold, white gold and pink gold show female charm. Trinity scarf necklaces and Trinity tassel patent earrings are quite luxury and expensive.

Cartier Trinity Sauvage
Cartier Trinity Sauvage launched in April of 2010 was added into panther patterns, bringing a new visual experience. The band in yellow gold decorated with leopard print, wild and attractive.

Cartier Trinity Ceramic
Cartier Trinity Ceramic was launched in September of 2010. The combination of precious metals and high-tech ceramic enriches the Trinity. The satin-treated ceramic band, the platinum band and the diamond-studded white gold band show distinctive style and status.

I think my actions often don’t jibe with my words, and that especially embodies my attitude on luxury goods. I usually treat luxury goods adoring and respecting, but I never want to have one or more. The thought comes from my rational thinking or my personality. What are luxury goods? First, they are geared to the needs of the high-consumption crowd. Second, they represent fashion trends, while fashion is always changeable, so it means one or two pieces of luxury goods can’t satisfy one’s demands. You still want some when the new arrives. As for me, an ordinary girl, I appreciate exquisite luxury goods and praise such original designs, but it’s the replica luxury goods that I usually buy. Many accessories and handbags in as similar styles as high-end products display in the show windows of large or small stores in my city. I will buy some of them as long as I think they’re trendy and suitable for my style. It’s enough that I’m attractive and happy. If you were a rich person, it’s enough that you’re happy and attractive when you get those luxury goods.

Weeks ago, I bought two replica Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelets and a ring in 925 silver. To my surprised, they are better quality than I imagined. Frankly speaking, I got many compliments about my nail-shaped bracelets and ring. I owe the high quality replica Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelets/ring to original design from Cartier and good craftsmanship from the jeweler that specializes in replica jewelries.

Cartier has such a high status in the jewelry circle, and its achievement can’t keep without exquisite craft, superior materials and extreme originalities. A nail is a common article, but it’s Cartier that makes a nail a world-famous jewelry collection. Aldo Cipullo from New York designed Juste Un Clou for Cartier in the 1970s, and he made the nail distinctive. Cartier Juste Un Clou says “no” to mediocrity and say “yes” to the individual style. No matter how time goes by, Cartier Juste Un Clou with a strong sign is the preferred choice for men and ladies in every era. Celebrities and famous stars at home and abroad are big fans of Juste Un Clou.

I was truly impressed by Juste Un Clou jewelry when I saw the design. Everyone is like a common nail, but everyone has his/her personality or traits. I really like them, so I ordered two replica bracelets and one ring for my self, and they are copied according to Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet N6707317, Juste Un Clou bracelet B6048317 and Juste Un Clou ring B4092700. They are made of 925 silver and two of them are adored with brilliant zircon crystals, beautiful but cheap. I feel wearing two Juste Un Clou bracelets on my wrist is better and more stylish, and silver-made accessories can match with any outfits easily. What beautiful replica JUSTE UN CLOU accessories they are!

As a top-grade jeweler, Cartier is famous for gorgeous craftsmanship and classic design. Cartier LOVE Bangle, one of the most popular jewelry collection, is popular with celebrities, famous stars and wealthy men. Love Bangle which was injected into the designer’s understanding towards life and love witnesses many love stories. The most sincere affection-love, friendship or royalty makes the LOVE Bangle famous across the world. The undeniably elegant unisex piece forms the basis of jewelry collection. Due to simple and modern design and beautiful implied meaning, the fancy price of Cartier Love Bangle embodies perfectly its value in the market. Cartier Love Bangles range from the basic item for $4,050 to the diamond item for $56,000, even it will take you $326 to replace a screw. It symbolizes the noble status, and it proves that ordinary people can’t afford one.

Source of Inspiration
Aldo Cipullo, an Italy-born American jewelry designer, designed the Love Bracelet for Cartier and won the Coty Award for jewelry in 1974. He said we would have nothing if without love in our lives and we need a forever symbol of love. It’s said that medieval warriors tied iron-made belts to their wives’ waists so that their royalty to their marriage. Inspired by that ancient story, Aldo Cipullo designed the Love Bracelet for Cartier in 1969. The “love and peace” theme was spread widely all over the world in the 1960s to 1970s, but the sexual revolution caused the loss of love and morality. The Love Bangle was like a fresh breeze, and it made people believe love and royalty and find the strength of respect and trust. What’s more significant, the Love bangle laid its foundation in the jewelry field.

Wearing Tips
Cartier Love Bracelet locks the promise of love and witnesses many legendary love stories. With elegant style, the oval bangle studded with iconic screws expresses deep affection. The Love Bangle consists of two flat-round parts that lock to the wrists. Opened and fastened with a screwdriver, it serves to sincere love. You can’t wear the bangle by yourself unless your wife or husband helps you to finish it. After wearing it, the screwdriver is given to the other to store it. The cooperation combines your love with royalty. Originally, every of the Love bangles were not printed with the reference number. Due to a mass of replica Cartier Love bracelets, Cartier started to engrave the unique series number for every bracelet.

Celebrity Effect
After being produced, Cartier Love Bangle were sent to some famous couples at that time, the Windsor Edward VIII couple, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Alimacgraw and Steve McQueen, Sophia Loren and Caro Peng included. It’s the distinctive meaning of Cartier Love Bracelet that makes it popular with couples. Unique craft and fancy price cater to celebrities and rich people. Tom Cruise sent his ex-wife Katie Holmes a Love bangle in 18K gold as a present of being a mother. Leonard Lauder, CEO of Estee Lauder, gave a Love bangle to Elizabeth Hurley in order to express his heart for her. Cartier Love Bracelet is the best accessory for famous stars, such as Frank Sinatra, Joan Collins, Princess Diana, Jane Seymour, Elton John, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.