Cartier founded in 1847 has been top Jewelry and Wristwatch brand all around the world. Masterpieces from Cartier extend to now and give us endless surprises. There is no doubt that Panthère de Cartier collection is the signature series among a great number of products.

It’s a long history about Panthère de Cartier. In order to seek inspiration, Jeanne Toussaint went to explore the American jungle along with Louis Joseph, the third generation of Cartier SA. They never expected that they came under attack by American panthers. Fortunately, they were out od the woods finally. Then they were in love with each other. Due to Louis Joseph’s married status, they suffered a lot. That Louis Joseph lost his life in a car accident left a wordless end for their love. It came as Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson would marry, Duke of Windsor expected Cartier to design a jewel for Wallis Simpson. Jeanne Toussaint created a Panther brooch from her unforgettable experience. It’s the Panther brooch that opened the beginning of Panthère de Cartier collection.

As the most beautiful animal in Cartier world, the American panther inspires designers excellent works. Besides, Ronde Louis Cartier collection and Panthère Joueuse collection gain much inspiration. Panthère de Cartier collection inherits the classic styles-delicate and exquisite features from 1983. Through those timepieces within American panthers, Cartier describes the amazing integration of natural light and view, and the wisdom of teams and high end craftsmanship spreads out before us.

Born in 1983, Panthère de Cartier isn’t visualised to embody the feature of the American panther. Chain links under the light and shadow show virtualized leopard prints. With square watch case and stretched lugs, Panthère de Cartier is quite similar to Santos De Cartier, but its long flexible bracelet with many links express its uniqueness fully. It was the main series as soon as it made its debut, and it faded away until 200 in the market. Pierce Brosnan once wore a Panthère de Cartier watch. Panthère de Cartier reappeared at SIHH 2017. It was studied carefully and found that its all designs were the same as the original, such as the case shape, the bracelet, the octagonal crown set with a faceted synthetic spinel, eight screws on the bezel, Roman numerals and track scales. Even CARTIER is kept well in the X hour marker. Available in 18K yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, yellow gold and steel edition, diamond edition or steel version.

Besides, Panthère de Cartier white gold & diamond watch (No. 2) was decorated with distinctive but vivid leopard prints with an enamel technology. Another Panthère de Cartier pink gold watch (No. 1) was created with irregular leopard prints on the case, the dial and the bracelet with black lacquer, as if the soul of the panther was fused into the perfect timepiece.